MoGrab- Grab Clone

Demo #

Web URL : https://mograb.mimeld.com

Admin login URL: https://mograb.mimeld.com/login

Admin Credentials : admin@demo.com | Admin_$321

Taxi dispatcher URL : https://mograb.mimeld.com/dispatch-login

Taxi dispatcher: taxidispatcher@demo.com | Dispatcher_321

Delivery dispatcher URL : https://mograb.mimeld.com/dispatch-delivery-login

Delivery dispatcher: deliverydispatcher@demo.com | Dispatcher_321

Fleet URL: https://mograb.mimeld.com/company-login

Fleet Credentials: fleet@demo.com | Fleet_321

Android Apps :

User App: https://mas.mimeld.com/apps/mograb-grab-clone

User Credentials: 9876543210 | User_321

Driver App: https://mas.mimeld.com/apps/mograb-driver-grab-clone

Driver Credentials: 9876543211| Driver_321


Tech Stack: PHP, Laravel, Mysql, Firebase, Google Map

Overview #

Problem Statement #

Need for a Grab Clone Solution

In today’s rapidly evolving transportation landscape, there is a growing demand for efficient, reliable, and user-friendly cab service applications. The existing market lacks a comprehensive solution that caters to the diverse needs of both car owners looking to offer transportation services and users seeking economical and convenient ride options. Several challenges and gaps in the market necessitate the development and adoption of a Grab clone solution.

1. Limited Geographic and Currency Support:

  • The existing platforms may not offer extensive coverage across multiple countries, cities, and currencies, limiting the accessibility and scalability of the service.

2. Payment Flexibility:

  • The absence of diverse payment methods and gateways can hinder user convenience and trust. Limited payment options such as COD or a singular card payment system may not cater to the varied preferences and needs of users.

3. Service Variety:

  • Existing platforms may not provide multiple ride types or services, restricting user choice and flexibility based on their specific requirements, preferences, or budget constraints.

4. Transparency and Pricing:

  • A lack of transparent pricing mechanisms, including estimated fares, can lead to mistrust and dissatisfaction among users. Users seek upfront pricing details to make informed decisions and avoid unexpected costs.

5. Location-based Features:

  • Inadequate or inefficient location-based features can result in challenges for users in selecting pick-up and drop-off locations, identifying nearby places, or optimizing route options.

6. Promotions and User Engagement:

  • The absence of promotional tools, coupon functionalities, and mechanisms for user feedback and reviews can hinder user engagement, loyalty, and retention.

7. Communication and Notification Systems:

  • Limited integration with reliable OTP gateways and email systems can compromise security, user authentication, and efficient communication, leading to potential service disruptions or user dissatisfaction.

8. User Experience and Onboarding:

  • A lack of intuitive UI/UX design, onboarding guidance, and seamless installation processes can result in a steep learning curve for users, impacting adoption rates and user satisfaction.

9. Compliance and Trust:

  • The absence of robust privacy policies, data protection measures, and compliance standards can undermine user trust, jeopardize data security, and expose the platform to regulatory risks.

Solution Overview #

Technology meet Creativity.

The Grab clone solution emerges as a comprehensive and innovative platform designed to address the existing gaps and challenges prevalent in the transportation and cab service industry. Leveraging a robust tech stack comprising PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Firebase, and Google Map integration, this solution offers unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and user-centric features. By providing extensive support for multiple countries, cities, and currencies, the platform ensures broad accessibility and adaptability, catering to diverse market needs and preferences.

Furthermore, the Grab clone solution prioritizes user convenience and trust through its diverse payment methods, transparent pricing mechanisms, and advanced location-based features. Integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe, Flutterwave, and Razopray, users can enjoy seamless and secure transactions, while features such as estimated fares, pick-up/drop-off location selectors, and Google Places integration optimize route planning and navigation. Additionally, the platform fosters user engagement, loyalty, and feedback through promotional tools, coupon functionalities, review systems, and efficient communication channels. With its intuitive UI/UX design, onboarding processes, and compliance measures, the Grab clone solution sets a new standard in the cab service landscape, redefining user experiences, enhancing operational efficiencies, and driving innovation in the transportation industry.

Features & Benefits #

Features #

  1. Geographical & Currency Flexibility:
    • Extensive support for multiple countries, cities, and currencies, ensuring broad accessibility and adaptability to diverse market needs.
  2. Payment Options:
    • Integration with multiple payment methods including Cash on Delivery (COD) and Credit/Debit Cards, catering to varied user preferences.
    • Support for multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, Flutterwave, and Razopray for secure and seamless transactions.
  3. Ride Varieties:
    • Provision for multiple ride types, allowing users to choose services based on their specific requirements, preferences, or budget constraints.
  4. Pricing Transparency:
    • Estimated fare feature provides users with upfront pricing details, fostering trust, transparency, and informed decision-making.
  5. Location-based Features:
    • Efficient pick-up/drop-off location selectors and Google Places integration facilitate seamless route planning, navigation, and nearby location searches.
  6. Promotions & User Engagement:
    • Coupon functionalities and promotional tools enhance user engagement, loyalty, and retention, fostering a feedback-driven community.
    • Users can add reviews for each ride, promoting transparency, trust, and continuous improvement.
  7. Communication & Notifications:
    • Integration with OTP gateways like MessageBird and Twilio ensures secure and reliable user authentication.
    • Support for email gateways such as Sendgrid and Postmark facilitates efficient communication, notifications, and user interactions.
  8. User Experience & Management:
    • Quick installation via a step-by-step wizard streamlines the setup process, ensuring user convenience and ease of use.
    • Features like ride scheduling, profile management, and order history enhance user experience, operational efficiencies, and management capabilities.
  9. Onboarding & Engagement:
    • Onboarding screens guide users through app functionalities, promoting user adoption, satisfaction, and retention.
    • Aesthetically pleasing UI design enhances user engagement, satisfaction, and overall app experience.
  10. Sharing & Feedback:
    • Users can share the app with others, expanding the user base and promoting organic growth.
    • Rating system allows users to provide feedback, insights, and suggestions, driving continuous improvement and innovation.

Benefits #

  1. Enhanced Accessibility & Scalability:
    • Support for multiple countries, cities, and currencies allows businesses to expand their reach, cater to diverse markets, and adapt to varying user needs effortlessly.
  2. Increased User Convenience:
    • Integration with diverse payment methods and gateways ensures users have multiple options to facilitate seamless and secure transactions, enhancing user satisfaction and trust.
  3. Flexibility in Service Offerings:
    • Provision for multiple ride types enables businesses to cater to a broader audience with varied preferences, requirements, and budget constraints, fostering customer loyalty and retention.
  4. Transparency & Trust Building:
    • Features like estimated fares, transparent pricing mechanisms, and user reviews promote transparency, build trust, and empower users to make informed decisions confidently.
  5. Optimized Route Planning & Navigation:
    • Efficient location-based features, pick-up/drop-off selectors, and Google Places integration streamline route planning, navigation, and provide users with a seamless travel experience.
  6. Engagement & Loyalty Promotion:
    • Coupon functionalities, promotional tools, and review systems foster user engagement, loyalty, and community building, driving repeat business and organic growth.
  7. Secure & Reliable Communication:
    • Integration with OTP gateways and email systems ensures secure authentication, efficient communication, and enhances user trust, satisfaction, and data protection.
  8. Streamlined Operations & Management:
    • Quick installation processes, ride scheduling features, and comprehensive management tools enhance operational efficiencies, reduce overheads, and optimize resource utilization.
  9. User-Centric Design & Experience:
    • Intuitive UI/UX design, onboarding processes, and aesthetic appeal promote user adoption, satisfaction, and provide a seamless, enjoyable, and memorable user experience.
  10. Feedback & Continuous Improvement:
    • Rating systems, feedback mechanisms, and insights derived from user interactions enable businesses to identify areas for improvement, innovate proactively, and enhance service quality continually.

How It Works #

Technical Specification #

  1. Programming Language & Framework:
    • Built using PHP as the core programming language, with the Laravel framework providing a robust foundation for development, ensuring scalability, security, and performance optimization.
  2. Database Management:
    • Utilizes MySQL as the relational database management system (RDBMS) to manage, store, and retrieve data efficiently, ensuring data integrity, reliability, and seamless operations.
  3. Real-time Functionality:
    • Integration with Firebase facilitates real-time features such as instant messaging, notifications, and updates, enhancing user engagement, responsiveness, and overall user experience.
  4. Location Services & Mapping:
    • Incorporates Google Map integration to facilitate location-based services, route optimization, navigation, and provide users with accurate location information, enhancing usability and functionality.
  5. Payment Gateway Integration:
    • Supports multiple payment gateways including Stripe, Flutterwave, and Razopray, ensuring secure, seamless, and efficient transaction processing, user convenience, and trust.
  6. Communication & Authentication:
    • Integration with OTP gateways such as MessageBird and Twilio enables secure user authentication, communication, and verification, enhancing security, reliability, and user trust.
  7. Email Communication:
    • Incorporates Sendgrid and Postmark for email gateway functionalities, facilitating efficient, reliable, and secure email communications, notifications, and user interactions.
  8. User Interface & Experience:
    • Designed with a focus on aesthetics, usability, and functionality, offering a beautiful UI/UX design, intuitive navigation, onboarding screens, and seamless user interactions, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.
  9. Scalability & Flexibility:
    • Built with scalability in mind, ensuring the platform can handle increased loads, users, transactions, and data volumes, adapting to evolving business needs, market demands, and growth opportunities.
  10. Security & Compliance:
    • Implements robust security measures, encryption techniques, data protection protocols, and compliance standards to safeguard user data, ensure privacy, prevent unauthorized access, and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Process Flow #

  1. User Registration & Onboarding:
    • Users download and install the Grab clone app.
    • New users register by providing necessary details or using social media credentials.
    • Onboarding screens guide users through app functionalities and features.
  2. Location & Ride Selection:
    • Users input their desired pick-up and drop-off locations using Google Map integration.
    • Users select the type of ride based on their preferences, budget, or requirements (e.g., sedan, SUV, luxury).
  3. Payment & Pricing:
    • Users view estimated fares based on selected routes and ride types.
    • Users choose preferred payment methods, such as COD, credit/debit cards, and select from integrated payment gateways like Stripe, Flutterwave, or Razopray.
  4. Ride Confirmation & Notification:
    • Upon confirming the ride, users receive a notification confirming the booking, driver details, estimated arrival time, and trip details.
    • Users can track the driver’s location in real-time via the app.
  5. Ride Experience & Feedback:
    • Users enjoy the ride and experience seamless navigation, route optimization, and drop-off at their desired location.
    • Post-ride, users can rate the driver, provide feedback, add reviews, and avail promotional offers or coupons if applicable.
  6. Payment Processing & Confirmation:
    • Upon reaching the destination, the system processes the payment using the selected payment method or gateway.
    • Users receive a payment confirmation, invoice, and trip summary via email or app notification.
  7. User Engagement & Promotions:
    • Users receive periodic notifications, updates, and promotional offers via email, SMS, or app notifications.
    • Users can share the app with others, avail discounts, and participate in referral programs to earn rewards or incentives.
  8. Admin Management & Operations:
    • Admin manages driver registrations, verifications, and onboardings.
    • Admin monitors ride bookings, payments, user feedback, reviews, and resolves any disputes or issues.
    • Admin utilizes analytics, reports, and insights to optimize operations, improve service quality, and drive business growth.

Deliverables #

Inclusions #

  1. User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX):
    • Intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design elements.
    • Onboarding screens to guide new users through app functionalities.
    • Seamless navigation, interactive elements, and user-friendly interfaces.
  2. Location-Based Services:
    • Google Map integration for accurate location tracking, route optimization, and navigation.
    • Pick-up and drop-off location selectors for user convenience.
  3. Payment & Transaction Modules:
    • Integration with multiple payment gateways (Stripe, Flutterwave, Razopray).
    • Support for various payment methods including COD, credit/debit cards.
  4. Communication & Notification Systems:
    • OTP gateways (MessageBird, Twilio) for secure user authentication and verification.
    • Email gateway integration (Sendgrid, Postmark) for notifications, updates, and communication.
  5. Ride Management & Booking System:
    • Multiple ride types and categories to cater to diverse user preferences.
    • Estimated fare calculation based on distance, time, and ride type.
    • Ride scheduling, booking confirmation, and real-time tracking features.
  6. Promotions, Discounts & Coupon Systems:
    • Coupon functionality for promotional campaigns, discounts, and offers.
    • Referral programs, incentives, and rewards for user engagement and growth.
  7. User Profile & Management:
    • User registration, authentication, and profile management functionalities.
    • Order history, ride summaries, and transaction records for users.
  8. Driver & Captain Management:
    • Driver registration, verification, and onboarding processes.
    • Profile management, earnings tracking, and performance analytics for drivers.
  9. Admin Dashboard & Management Tools:
    • Comprehensive admin dashboard for monitoring, analytics, and reporting.
    • Driver management, user management, ride management, and operational tools.
  10. Security, Compliance & Privacy Features:
    • Robust security measures, encryption techniques, and data protection protocols.
    • Compliance with regulatory standards, privacy policies, and legal requirements.

App Functions #

For Users:

  1. User Registration & Onboarding:
    • New user registration via email, phone number, or social media credentials.
    • Onboarding screens to introduce users to app functionalities, features, and navigation.
  2. Ride Booking & Selection:
    • Inputting pick-up and drop-off locations using Google Map integration.
    • Choosing from multiple ride types or categories based on preferences, budget, or requirements.
  3. Estimated Fare Calculation:
    • Viewing estimated fares based on selected routes, distance, time, and ride type.
  4. Payment & Transaction:
    • Selecting preferred payment methods (COD, credit/debit cards).
    • Completing transactions securely via integrated payment gateways (Stripe, Flutterwave, Razopray).
  5. Real-time Ride Tracking & Monitoring:
    • Tracking driver location, estimated time of arrival, and ride progress in real-time.
  6. Feedback, Reviews & Ratings:
    • Providing feedback, ratings, and reviews post-ride to rate driver performance and overall experience.
  7. Promotions & Discounts:
    • Availing promotional offers, discounts, coupons, and referral incentives within the app.
  8. User Profile Management:
    • Managing user profiles, personal information, ride history, and transaction records.
  9. Notifications & Communication:
    • Receiving notifications, updates, promotional messages, and alerts related to rides, payments, or app features.

For Drivers/Captains:

  1. Driver Registration & Onboarding:
    • Driver registration, verification, background checks, and onboarding processes within the app.
  2. Ride Acceptance & Management:
    • Accepting or rejecting ride requests based on availability, location, or preferences.
    • Managing ride requests, notifications, and bookings via the driver app interface.
  3. Earnings & Financial Tracking:
    • Tracking earnings, payments, commissions, and incentives earned from completed rides.
  4. Route Navigation & Optimization:
    • Accessing Google Map integration for route optimization, navigation, and efficient ride completion.
  5. User Feedback & Ratings:
    • Viewing user feedback, ratings, reviews, and performance evaluations to improve service quality.
  6. Availability & Status Updates:
    • Updating availability status, location, and operational hours within the app.
  7. Communication & Support:
    • Accessing support, assistance, and communication channels for queries, issues, or assistance needs.

Client Checklist (Requirements) #

Linux VPS with WHM License: We require a Linux VPS with a WHM license to deploy the solution. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of hosting service that provides dedicated resources and greater flexibility than shared hosting. WHM (Web Host Manager) is a control panel that allows the client to manage multiple hosting accounts and configure server settings.

1 Web Logo: The client needs to provide one web logo for the solution. The logo should be in a high- resolution format and preferably in a vector file format such as .eps or .ai. The logo should also be relevant to the solution and align with the client’s brand guidelines.

5 App Icons: The client needs to provide five app icons for the solution. The icons should be in high- resolution and preferably in a vector file format such as .eps or .ai. The icons should also be relevant to the solution and align with the client’s brand guidelines.

Google Dev Console with billing configured & Play Publish: To publish the Android app on the Google Play Store, the client needs to provide a Google Developer Console account with billing configured. The Developer Console allows developers to manage app listings, publish apps, and track app performance.

IOS Dev Account: To publish the iOS app on the App Store, the client needs to provide an Apple Developer account. The Apple Developer account allows developers to manage app listings, publish apps, and track app performance.

App Descriptions for Stores Publishing: The client needs to provide app descriptions for publishing the apps on the app stores. The app descriptions should be concise, informative, and compelling, highlighting the key features and benefits of the solution. The descriptions should also include relevant keywords to improve visibility in search results.

In summary, to deploy the solution, the client needs to provide a Linux VPS with WHM license, one web logo, five app icons, Google Dev Console with billing configured, an IOS Dev account, and app descriptions for publishing the apps on the app stores.

Support #

Support Options #

Support channels offered

Whatsapp Chat Support:
Whatsapp is a popular messaging app that many people use to communicate with friends and family. We offer support through Whatsapp chat, which allows customers to quickly and easily ask questions or report issues. This channel is particularly useful for customers who prefer to communicate through messaging and prefer to avoid making phone calls. Whatsapp chat support can also be used for providing step-by-step guidance, sharing images or screenshots to help troubleshoot issues, or to provide quick updates.

CRM & Tickets:
We use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to manage customer interactions and track support requests. When a customer submits a support request through a ticketing system, it is assigned a unique ticket number that helps Miracuves track the issue from start to finish. This allows the company to respond quickly to customer inquiries, prioritize issues based on urgency or importance, and ensure that each request is handled efficiently.

Email is a traditional communication channel that many companies use to provide customer support. Customers can send an email to us with their inquiry or issue, and the company will respond via email. Email support is useful for customers who prefer a more detailed explanation of their issue, and who want to keep a written record of their interaction with the company. Email support also allows customers to attach screenshots or other files that can help explain their issue in more detail.

In summary, Our Company offers a range of support channels to ensure that customers can get the assistance they need in the most convenient way possible. Each channel has its own benefits, and customers can choose the channel that works best for them.

FAQs #


Let’s clear it all

How do I register and create an account on the Grab clone platform?

Users can register by providing necessary details such as email, phone number, or social media credentials through the app’s registration interface.

What types of payment methods are accepted on the platform?

The platform supports multiple payment methods including Cash on Delivery (COD), credit/debit cards, and integration with payment gateways like Stripe, Flutterwave, and Razopray.

How can I book a ride using the Grab clone app?

Users can book a ride by entering their pick-up and drop-off locations, selecting their preferred ride type, viewing estimated fares, and confirming the booking via the app.

Is there a real-time tracking feature available for rides?

Yes, users can track the driver’s location, estimated time of arrival, and ride progress in real-time using the app’s tracking functionalities.

How can I register as a driver/captain on the Grab clone platform?

Drivers/captains can register by submitting necessary documents, undergoing verification processes, and completing the onboarding procedures within the app.

What types of rides can I offer as a driver/captain?

Drivers/captains can offer multiple ride types or categories based on their vehicle specifications, preferences, or service offerings available on the platform.

How do I receive payments for completed rides?

Drivers/captains receive payments for completed rides through integrated payment gateways, with earnings, commissions, and incentives tracked within the app.

Conclusion #

Summary #

The Grab clone solution is a comprehensive and innovative cab service platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of both car owners, referred to as “captains,” and users seeking reliable and affordable transportation options. Built on a robust tech stack encompassing PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Firebase, and Google Map integration, the platform offers a seamless user experience with features such as multi-country and currency support, multiple payment methods, real-time ride tracking, promotional offers, and user-friendly interfaces. By incorporating advanced functionalities like estimated fare calculations, location-based services, secure payment gateways, and driver rating systems, the Grab clone solution ensures transparency, efficiency, security, and user satisfaction within the competitive transportation landscape.

Furthermore, the Grab clone platform fosters user engagement, loyalty, and growth through its intuitive user interfaces, onboarding processes, promotional campaigns, and feedback mechanisms. Drivers or captains benefit from streamlined registration, onboarding, ride management, and earnings tracking functionalities, enhancing their operational efficiency, earning potential, and service quality. Admins have access to comprehensive management tools, analytics, reporting, and operational controls, enabling them to monitor, optimize, and scale the platform’s operations effectively. Overall, the Grab clone solution redefines the cab service industry by delivering a scalable, secure, user-centric, and innovative platform that addresses critical market needs, fosters trust, drives growth, and sets new standards in transportation excellence.

Glossary #








Google Map



Payment methods

Real-time tracking

Estimated fare

Location-based services

Secure payment gateway

User interface


Promotional offers

Feedback mechanisms

Driver rating




Earnings tracking


Security measures

Operational efficiency

User engagement

Loyalty programs


Important #

How to Use #

We will provide you with complete walkthrough over the shared screen call and explain all features in detail and make a video record of the same.

Confirm before you change
Please confirm with our team before you decide to make any vital changes to the system.

Never change configs
Please avoid changing any configurations or API settings into the system, it’s important to keep the integrity of the system.

Please make backups of the system using internal backups from admin or from cpanel to ensure no data loss.

Feel free to ask
We are your Technology Partners, feel free to ask questions and we would love to help.

We do complete rebranding for your with your logo, app icons and color schemes. If we missed something let us know.


Please don’t add or remove files from server or modify fields in database without discussion or any deep knowledge. Tampering the product will lead into termination of Tech Support.


Tech Support #

We offer 60 Days of Tech Support from the date of deployment and we offer it through all our support channels. This is included with the purchase of the solution.

Scope Of Tech Support #

For the complimentary 60 Days of tech support, we help you fix any bugs or configure any services which you are unable to do. This doesn’t include backups, or customizations or server management. If you need any of those, please talk to us for our Annual Maintenance Packages.

License #

Each solutions comes with one domain license only and we do the free deploy and install for the same. This is non-transferable and we are not responsible for migration of server or domain, unless agreed for extra cost.

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